Tough Tigers Program

Empowering Young Warriors (For 8-12-Year-Olds)

Our Tough Tigers Program is carefully designed to cater to the unique needs and abilities of children aged between 8 and 12. We understand that these crucial years are a time of growth and self-discovery, and we are here to provide the support and guidance your child needs to navigate this phase of development effectively. In our Tough Tigers Program, we provide a nurturing and supportive environment where children can grow not only as martial artists but also as confident, responsible, and respectful individuals. We believe that the skills and values instilled in this program will benefit them throughout their lives, helping them become well-rounded and capable young adults.


Program Highlights

Physical Fitness and Coordination:

In the Tough Tigers Program, children participate in age-appropriate exercises and drills that improve their physical fitness, balance, and coordination. Engaging activities make staying active enjoyable for young minds and bodies.

Confidence Building:

Confidence is essential for success in life. Our program helps children develop confidence by setting achievable goals and celebrating their accomplishments. They gain self-belief as they master new martial arts techniques and confront challenges head-on.

Teamwork and Social Skills:

Our classes encourage teamwork and social interaction. Children have the opportunity to form new friendships while collaborating to achieve common goals. These experiences cultivate strong social skills and cooperation.

Focus and Concentration:

In today's world filled with distractions, the ability to focus and concentrate is priceless. The Tough Tigers Program sharpens children's attention spans through a variety of martial arts drills and exercises, establishing a strong foundation for future learning.

Discipline and Respect:

Discipline and respect are fundamental values in our program. Your child will learn to follow instructions, show respect to their instructors and peers, and exercise self-control. These essential life skills extend far beyond the dojo, positively influencing their interactions at school and home.

Responsibility and Leadership:

As students progress through the program, they assume increasing levels of responsibility. This fosters leadership skills and a sense of accountability, preparing them for success in various aspects of their lives.


Hear what our students and parents have to say

Amazing instructor Great facility Champions made here Favorite martial art Kick butt workout Much needed focus Sweat for a reason More than fight club Outstanding mind body practice With deadly skills training in first months Your new home for martial arts

Thomas P.

Thomas P.

Santa Clarita, CA

I absolutley recomend this place. Master Nathan and Courtney have been incredible with our Son. We've seen very pisitive results all around. Its a wonderful family environment. Alot of positive reinforcement and charater building.

Annabel R.

Annabel R.

San Fernando, CA

Love this place! Master Nathan is amazing in teaching kuk sool won. Love the respect and great atmosphere from all the instructors. Very well dedicated and such a big family to fall in love with! It's for all kids and adults!

Monique L.

Monique L.

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Master Nathan Double-Sword Technique
Tournament of Champions

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