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LA Family Martial Arts offers Kuk Sool Won, a traditional martial arts system spanning 18 generations in the Suh family. Grand Master In Hyuk Suh has globalized Kuk Sool Won with 100+ years of experience, establishing over 100 US schools and expanding to 62 countries. Kuk Sool Won is comprehensive, covering throwing, grappling, strikes, joint locks, pressure points, conditioning, animal-style techniques, 20+ Korean Royal Court weapons, martial healing, and meditation.

Join us in Simi Valley and Sylmar, CA, for Kuk Sool Won training that blends tradition and innovation, providing self-defense, personal growth, and self-discovery. Discover excellence in martial arts with us.

About Founder

In Hyuk Suh Founder, Grandmaster, and President of the
World Kuk Sool Association®.

Grandmaster In Hyuk Suh, the founder of Kuk Sool Won™, possesses over 50 years of martial arts expertise, cultivated through training influenced by his grandfather and his travels throughout the Far East.

Grandmaster Suh is renowned for pressure points and joint manipulation.

Kuk Sool Won™ boasts 1.3 million members in 27 countries and 800+ schools worldwide.

Featured in 300+ articles and 60+ magazine covers globally, his dedication is evident in the 'Letter from the Grandmaster' found in our textbooks. Join us to experience his martial arts legacy.



Explore moments captured in the vibrant world of Kuk Sool Won™

Our Instructors

Our experienced instructors create a safe and supportive environment to learn in! At Kuk Sool Won, our focus is on Martial Arts techniques
that enhance strength, coordination, and balance positively impacting their overall life.



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Amazing instructor Great facility Champions made here Favorite martial art Kick butt workout Much needed focus Sweat for a reason More than fight club Outstanding mind body practice With deadly skills training in first months Your new home for martial arts

Thomas P.

Thomas P.

Santa Clarita, CA

I absolutley recomend this place. Master Nathan and Courtney have been incredible with our Son. We've seen very pisitive results all around. Its a wonderful family environment. Alot of positive reinforcement and charater building.

Annabel R.

Annabel R.

San Fernando, CA

Love this place! Master Nathan is amazing in teaching kuk sool won. Love the respect and great atmosphere from all the instructors. Very well dedicated and such a big family to fall in love with! It's for all kids and adults!

Monique L.

Monique L.

Tournament of Champions
Master Nathan Double-Sword Technique
Tournament of Champions

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