Black Belt Club

Black Belt Club (For Ages 18 and above)

The Black Belt Club is an exclusive program with specific prerequisites: participants must be 8 years old or older, have successfully achieved the yellow belt rank, and be current Kuk Sool Won students or parents. As a member of the Black Belt Club, you'll embark on a transformative journey of skill development, character refinement, and personal growth. This program is not just about achieving martial arts excellence; it's about becoming a role model, a mentor, and a pillar of support within our martial arts family. Join us in the BBC program, where you'll not only elevate your martial arts skills but also leave a lasting legacy of inspiration and empowerment.


Program Highlights

Commitment and Dedication:

When you join the Black Belt Club, you make a commitment to yourself to leave excuses behind. This program is for individuals who are dedicated to advancing their martial arts skills and personal development.

Leadership and Responsibility:

Involvement in the Black Belt Club signifies a significant commitment. BBC students are the leaders within our school, taking responsibility for their actions and setting a positive example for others.

Skill Advancement:

The BBC program takes our training in Kuk Sool Won to the next level. Participants have the opportunity to further advance their martial arts skills and knowledge, reaching for the coveted black belt and beyond.

Community Engagement:

BBC members are encouraged to actively engage with and support their fellow students and the broader martial arts community. This sense of community fosters a supportive and encouraging environment for all members.

Character Development:

As BBC students, individuals not only hone their physical skills but also work on developing their character. They learn the importance of discipline, respect, and integrity, which extend beyond the martial arts studio and into their daily lives.

Positive Impact:

BBC participants strive to make a positive impact by helping others in a constructive and supportive manner. They are committed to the growth and success of their peers, creating a culture of encouragement and teamwork.


Hear what our students and parents have to say

Amazing instructor Great facility Champions made here Favorite martial art Kick butt workout Much needed focus Sweat for a reason More than fight club Outstanding mind body practice With deadly skills training in first months Your new home for martial arts

Thomas P.

Thomas P.

Santa Clarita, CA

I absolutley recomend this place. Master Nathan and Courtney have been incredible with our Son. We've seen very pisitive results all around. Its a wonderful family environment. Alot of positive reinforcement and charater building.

Annabel R.

Annabel R.

San Fernando, CA

Love this place! Master Nathan is amazing in teaching kuk sool won. Love the respect and great atmosphere from all the instructors. Very well dedicated and such a big family to fall in love with! It's for all kids and adults!

Monique L.

Monique L.

Tournament of Champions
Master Nathan Double-Sword Technique
Tournament of Champions

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